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Hiab Hire - Abnormal Load - Aviation Transport- Boat Transport

Aviation - Helicopter Transport

The unloading of a Lynx helicopter at the Goodwood Festival of Spees

Kyles Transport services ltd with another aviation delivery. This time a delivery at the Goodwood festival of speed to “The Army Air Corps Regiment” The Helicopter is used to showcase the air corp...

Do You have an aircraft or Helicopter to move?

Maybe a tail fin, Wings or aircraft engines?

We have an extensive array of specialist equipment to help facilitate

the lifting & transport of aviation goods

Our specialist trailers can accommodate the movement of fuselages, 

Sea king helicopters, aircraft, helicopters , nose cones etc with ease

We can provide all the abnormal load permits, abnormal load self 

escort vehicles to the COP guidelines, Lift Plans & RAMS Documents 

enabling the safe journey of your aircraft/aviation goods via road